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Here comes the... dog! The rise of pets in Weddings!

Hello again pet lovers! This post is gonna be about something we have been seeing a lot more of lately. People have started planning their wedding around, or including their pets in their wedding plans. Lots of people do this with the photographer, or using their fur baby as décor or theme inspiration, or even actually including them in the ceremony. As many of our lives revolve at least half the time around making sure our pets are safe and taken care of, loving them and treating them like family, this really makes a lot of sense. Our pets tend to become our children, and it makes sense that our kids should be involved in the wedding.

Pet Nanny Jen has recently gotten several requests to be a ‘pet handler’ at some of these fur inclusive events. As this is a new experience for us also, we wanted to share a few tips and tricks that we've learned, and also some ways that you can include your different pets in your special day.

Probably most important, you want to figure out how you want to include your baby. Do you just want them to be at the photo shoot? Do you want them in the ceremony? Do you want them there? Asking these questions, and figuring out your vision will not only save you from struggles down the road, but will allow you to start from the beginning finding a venue that will work with your pet. I would think one of the worst possible things to happen would be to have an elaborate plan, only to find out the venue you chose doesn't allow your fur baby to be there. Do some research on pet friendly venues in your area, think gardens (The Denver Botanical Gardens is great for this, we’ve worked a couple of events here already.) Or other indoor locations. even if the website, or the venue information doesn't say it's pet friendly, it couldn't hurt to call and see what they allow, and what they don't. Ask about deposits, and all of that information in regard to your specific pet. Some venues also have size restrictions or leash requirements.

Keep in mind the temperament of your pet. Do they get nervous and bite things? Do they Get distracted, or chase things ? How are they around lots of people? These are especially important if you're going to give your dog an important job. Are they a ring bearer? Flower girl? Are they obedient? At the very least, do they come, sit, stay? Knowing these things about your baby will help to avoid a mid-ceremony chase the puppy session, and also ensure that everything runs smoothly according to plan.

On that same note, a pet handler is likely a very good idea. We would take care of your dog during your ceremony, make sure he gets plenty of food, water, make sure they get out of trouble. With someone there to care for your animal, not only does your day run smoother, but it also allows you to have the best special day possible, fur baby at your side, but not making you worry about where he is, or what he could be getting into. Bridal guide have a lot of really interesting, precious ideas of different ways to include different animals in your wedding, from dogs to cats to horses to snakes. Check them out!

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