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Free Meet & Greets

Before services are performed, we’ll need to come out to your house for a complimentary “Get Acquainted” visit. This gives you an opportunity to ask questions, fill out forms and get more information on all the services we provide. Most importantly it allows us to receive detailed instructions from you regarding your pet’s habits, care, routines, and any other important information you need to give us so we can provide the best care possible for your pet!

We customize all our services for your individual pet(s)


We come to your residence to provide fresh food and water for your (pet)s daily nutrition needs.

Walking and Exercising

We come to your residence to provide a walk, run, or hike per your pet(s) exercise needs.


Potty Breaks

We come to your residence to let your pet(s) go outside and relieve themselves.


We come to your residence to provide lots of love and attention by attentively interacting with your pet(s).

Transporting/ PetTaxi

We come to your residence to provide transportation to the vet, groomer, or other pet taxi needs.

Dispersing Medication

We come to your residence to administer medication per your pet (s) daily health needs.




In addition to Pet Care our service includes: cleaning up pet messes, scooping waste/litter, and cleaning kennel(s).*Cleaning service available for recent waste/accidents only. Please see terms and conditions in the pet sitting paperwork. Please note that we are not a kennel or boarding business. We come to your residence so that your pets can enjoy the comfort and safety of their home. Pricing starts at $25 a visit but please call for an accurate quote

Types of Animals

We have extensive experience caring for dogs and cats however we have experience caring for  fish, birds, hamsters, ferrets, rabbits and reptiles. 

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