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Adopt, Don't Shop

Why adopt?


Saves an animal’s life 

Animals that end up in shelters have often had some sort of problem, whether it is an owner that didn’t love them back, or abuse, or just a poor buddy alone on the streets. Adopting one of those pets gives them a second chance at life, and happiness. Quite honestly, it gives them a whole new reason to love you. 


End Puppy milling 

Puppy mills are places that breed dogs, specifically for profit. People in that industry do not care about the health of the dogs their breeders are producing, nor the health of the breeders themselves. Dogs in that environment are not screened for health, illness, or anything else that could be of detriment to you, as an owner, and your future pets happiness. Often times dogs are used as often as possible, only to make babies, and be killed as soon as they lose their worth to the mill. By adopting from a shelter, you could help decrease the demand for this industry, and thus have a hand in saving some of those dogs in such a terrible environment. 

Breed specific

Many shelters and rescues are breed specific, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for Many people believe that adopting a dog only gives you a limited supply of options, and you cant find the type of animal (breed, color, gender, age, etc.) that you are looking for. However, there are a plethora of shelters in Colorado that offer the ability to find exactly what you are looking for in a pet. There are breed specific rescues, and all animal homes, from small mammals to horses, ans everything in between. 

Another thing is if you don’t know what you want, or even if you do, shelters are designed to help you fall in love with the animal that will love you back. You have many options, and sometimes what you thought you wanted is not who you bring home. So really, by going to adopt an animal, not only does it help you, but it ensures that what you come home with make both you and the animal happy campers.

Save money

Adopting an animal ensures a healthy animal as all shelter pets have been screened for disease. They also usually come with permanent tags such as microchipping, as well and are spayed, or neutered. This helps the population, decreasing the need for shelters, and helping them to not be overcrowded when there is a need for spaces to be available. Shelter pets on average cost between $50 and $300. While this still doesn’t feel like pocket change, it is considerably cheaper than the pet shop amounts, ranging from $500, even sometimes over $1000. The added benefit, as above is that you probably wont have to pay for microchipping, and spay or neuter fees separately. 

Finding your furry friend


Are you ready to adopt and find your new furry friend? Head to your local shelter, pet rescue or humane society to find your new furry family member. Here is a list of local shelters, rescues and humane society in the Denver Metro area: 


Dumb Friends League

Maxfund Animal Adoption Center:

Aurora Animal Shelter:

Boulder Valley Humane Society:

Cat Care Society:

Almost Home Adoptions:

DenverAnimal Shelter:

Humane Society-South Platte:

Golden Retriever Rescue Of The Rockies:

Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue:

Foothills Animal Shelter:

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