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Happy Cat Camper #2 (San Diego)

Cat Camp 2023

Here in Sunny San Diego I walk into cat camp with glee, my heart is full, my soul care free. I enter with pride, my love of cats I cannot hide. For here I learn all that I can, about the feline, and its plan. I study hard, I study long, I learn to sing the cat's sweet song. I learn to groom, I learn to train, I learn to love them, and feel their pain. Feel the sweet vibe of cat camp as joy and love abound, intrinsic true cat lovers is what I found. There I learn to care, I learn to heal, and how to make a cat's life real.

Jackson Galaxy with our Cat Guitar Toy "The Furender"

For here resides the cat peeps one of a kind, the crazy cat folk frenzy I find.They wear their shirts and hats with pride and talk of cats day and night. They swap their stories, share their love, for cats galore they can't get enough. They marvel at the art and crafts, the cat themed attire and cat-shaped drafts. They giggle at the puns and jokes, and wear their cat ears like they're cloaks. Of all decorations that I adore, there's nothing quite like cat decor. From cat-shaped lamps to cat-shaped chairs, I love to decorate with feline flair. Cat camp has it all, from A's to Z's, from cat-shaped pillows to cat-themed reads. The walls are lined with cat art prints, the shelves with cat-shaped mints.

I wear my cat designs with pride, and of course that cat purse by my side. I love to visit this special cat camp convention, where I am welcomed with all good intentions. For cats to me are more than pets, they're gifts of love, with no regrets. So here's to all the cat lovers, who find their love of cats in one another, may you always find a cat camp refuge to be, among the cat lovers, and those like thee.


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