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Pet-Sitting this Dynamic Duo in Arvada... Meet Wally & Crickey!

Forever friends and always acquaintances

Pet sitting Arvada

We recently got to pet sit a Corgi and Parrot combo. Enlightening.

We hear a lot of animal odd couples, critters that you don’t expect to be friends. Like my dog that basically mothered our new kitten. Mocha was a German Shepherd about 10 years old when we got Snickers. Snickers was found near the remains of her mom in a barn. Sad, I know. When we brought her home, she and Mocha were fast friends. Mocha would lick Snickers, with her tongue reaching nose to tail… fast friends.

But this story isn't about my cat and dog. This story is about a corgi named Wally and a parrot named Crickey. It also will become a story with a life lesson about all of humanity. At first glance, with a bird in a cage, and a pup that spends his time with his person, it seemed hard to believe that there could be any sort of connection between these two critters. After watching them interact though, it became clear that they are brothers. It was interesting to see how they communicated. With parents, most people know they repeat stuff. The same can be said about their interactions with dogs. It was fun to get Wally all riled up, to hear Crickey want to get in on the fun. I don't understand how their friendship formed. They both have such different lives, different experiences, and rare, if any contact with each other. As I watched Wally and Crickey interact, I noticed that when Crickey spoke-as parrots do, all day-,Wally always did one of two things. He would go hang out next to, or underneath Wally’s house, or he would bark back. Do you ever Feel like you're in the middle of a bunch of people talking in a random code that you don't understand? Somehow it gets multiplied by like 100 when those people are animals, and they seem to get each other, even though you don't. Not gonna lie, it makes you feel a bit self-conscious. But it's also really refreshing. And if you couldn’t tell, here comes the life lesson.

These 2 critters, even in their very different lives, then they're very different situations were able to find friendship. Not to get all mushy now, but humans are the same, if not more able to find a friendship in a different situation. And not just someone to call an acquaintance. We can develop these deep personal connections, right around secret code if you will, that no one else understands. And it doesn't matter if we live in the same situation, or if we're the same age, or even in the same place. I kind of think everyone should have a relationship like that of Wally and Crickey. Brothers in spirit, with a closeness no one really understands.

Go out there and find yours.

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