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Before you find your new furry friend

Are you ready for a new furry addition to your family?

Every year people adopt or purchase pets only to find they lack the time and or responsibility to care for them properly. Sadly, a lot of pets end up facing life in the shelter and a lot of them don't make it out. Just like humans, pets have needs and require companionship, proper pet care and maintenance in order to lead healthy lives. When choosing a pet  consider a pet that meets your time, dedication, space and capacity for care. 


Some things to consider when choosing the right pet:


  • What are the needs of the pet? (diet, health, training, exercise, companionship requirements)


  • Can you afford the the cost of upkeep required?


  • Does your home have adequate space requirements for the size or breed of the pet?


  • Does your apartment or home have a “no pets” clause?


  • Does this type of pet fit into your lifestyle?


  • Will you have time for your pet?


Make the wise decision and take time to consider the right pet for your home and lifestyle. 

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