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Animals in Action at San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo is home to many diverse animals that come from all over the earth. I had an amazing opportunity to visit this amazing animal kingdom and learn about these beautiful creatures and how their ambassadors care for them. I was super impressed by the animals calm disposition when interacting with their ambassadors, I witnessed this from 2 feet away! I was especially astounded by an unthinkable friendship between a cheetah and dog! Feel free to check out the video below to observe the BFF's in action. The ambassador explained how the cheetahs and dogs develop a strong bond and become parters for life. Cheetahs become more trainable when paired with a companion dog and like dogs, cheetahs are also clicker trained. I give credit to the brave and amazing animal ambassadors who have the privilege to care for the animals and by their love and devotion, keep these animals safe healthy and happy. This is my pet care dream job but happy that I had a little taste of the action by getting to feed a rhino and flamingos.


Meet Rita the Cheetah


Meet Honey, Rita's dog companion

Rita & Honey, BFF's in action


Just an average day in the life of an animal ambassador, feeding the Flamingos and chilling with Zebras.


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