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Stuck in the Land of Oz

Meet Ozzy Nelson my new BFF!

It didn't take a tornado 2 sweep me away, nor a yellow brick road 2 find the land of OZ on this day. First cat I saw in the slammer (tiny glass cage in a shelter) locking eyes, immediately enamored. Making my way 2 his confinement, feeling an instant cosmic connection our paths in alignment. “Meow” said the little gray cat 2 the little lady in the purple hat, purring peacefully nuzzled in my lap. Upon hearing of his painful past I knew I had 2 be the last. 2 show him the way of love light & mojo it was my mission, for he was surrendered by the “so called” guardian of their own volition, neglected underweight and hoarded in unfathomable condition. Fighting for survival, in an abusive environment he suffered deprival, meager and petite he tried 2 out-rival, but 2 no avail the sorrow he bridled. No love no care, the palpable sense of despair, his traumatic upbringing made me aware.

He reached my heart like an anchor 2 the ocean, my love 4 him was fast in motion, I promise 2 give exclusive devotion. Becoming my muse, my partner, my therapy, his purrs a source of healing me. It pains me when were apart, but when he sings his sweet meows it soothes my heart. To the sweet, sensitive, perceptive feline love of my life I give you my all I endow, I will keep you forever this is my vow: I promise to love, cherish, guide, protect and help you through life's journey, immersing myself in you is all you will see. My god-sent gift, got me truly convinced, I didn't rescue him rather he rescued me this is legit. I guess you can say in the dreamworld I am lost, finding my way stuck in the land of Oz.

My little fur ball bundle of joy is the persona of love light and positive energy

Two months and three pounds later, this surviving and thriving cat graduated from a wallflower to a mojito cat #teamcatmojo. I’m amazed to witness the transformation of a timid anxious cat who lost his mojo, turn into a confident zealous mini tiger who acts like king of the jungle. Although the shelter did their best to help him become an adoptable cat, they were amiss about a few tidbits that I discovered about this special guy. If Ozzy had a Facebook page this is what his profile would read:

Name: Ozzy Nelson (AKA) the kid, baby tiger, gong gong, beau beau, Mr. Nelson

Gender/DNA: multidimensional male: 93% LOVE, 3 % cat, 2% dog, 2% human

Color: Purple Tabby

Source: Heaven


Fav Things: music, storybook time, cuddling, kneading mom, giving mom love bites and kisses, hoarding moms hair ties, playing fetch, bringing mom toys in bed, listening to meetings over the phone, observing mom and following her EVERYWHERE, grooming mom, watching the show "my cat from hell", cat yoga, cat walks, car rides, cat baths, and chicken treats

Special features: third eye cat, purrs of healing, piano enthusiast, engaging in deep discussions about life with mom, giving mom kitty massages

Dream Home: current

Dream Home in Paradise: The NEW Paisley Park (located in Colorado)

Heres the "Stuck in the land of Oz" photo shoot of my baby and I

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